Preschool Dunedin

Highly Rated Preschool & VPK Programs in a Faith-Based Setting near Dunedin, FL

If you’re looking for a top-notch preschool and VPK provider that operates in a caring, faith-based environment and is within easy driving distance of Dunedin, Florida, then you’ll want to take a close look at Trinity Preschool. We’re located on the campus of Trinity Presbyterian Clearwater, and our staff and the children who attend our educational programs enjoy broad support from this warm, welcoming church that’s only a few minutes’ drive from Dunedin, FL, and nearby communities.

At Trinity Preschool, we’re dedicated to providing a clean, safe, and structured play environment for all of the children in our care so that their parents can go about their day without worry. Our highly qualified staff goes beyond that, however, by ensuring that all children also receive a top-quality education that’s appropriate to their stage of development. As a result, our VPK program consistently receives high ratings, and our school also enjoys enthusiastically positive reviews from parents of younger and older children to attend programs at Trinity.

The following programs are available on our campus:

  • A center-based curriculum of structured play that introduces early learning concepts to preschool children ages 2 to 4
  • A fun, interactive VPK curriculum for children preparing to enter kindergarten
  • A summer camp program that includes performance opportunities, swimming, and field trips for children in first through seventh grade

To learn more about Trinity Preschool, contact Trinity Clearwater today. We’ll be happy to arrange a tour of our campus for families from Dunedin, FL, and other surrounding communities.