Our Values

At Trinity Clearwater we are guided by, led by, and live as best we can by the following values expressed in our scriptures and shared by humanity across divisions of national origin, color, gender, sexuality, age, physical ability, socio-economics, ideology, doctrine and belief.  Among, but not limited to these values are:

  • Awe – awareness of our participation in a vast creation of deep time, space, and matter that is our source and purpose, knowing that creation is the expression of God, and that we are called to be good stewards of creation.
  • Wonder – inspired consciousness, imagination and creativity to explore the beauty, mystery, and meaning of life. 
  • Grace – unmerited favor, surrounding us with interdependent, life-giving resources and processes that nurture and sustain us.
  • Faithfulness – assurance and reliability that the awe, wonder, and grace supporting our existence are always with us even when apparently absent.
  • Hope – anticipation of the future with expectation of meaning and purpose that is grounded in knowledge and experience of history, both shallow and deep.
  • Love – attraction that holds the universe together through relationships that give, receive, allow, accept, and forgive through kindness and mutual respect.
  • Justice – natural equity within and throughout the universe, void of scarcity and filled with enough for everyone and everything to have meaning and fulfilled purpose.  
  • Joy – deep, abiding gladness that embraces the breadth of life’s experiences and acknowledges the ebb and flow of comfort in sorrow and sadness in celebration. 
  • Service – to share resources, abilities, information, and attention in ways that provide, affirm, and nurture the common good of creation.
  • Peace – existence within the full diversity of creation that allows respectful conflict without violence and seeks to sing the rich harmony of the myriad voices of cultures, nations, religions, and nature.  
  • Human Dignity – Creation and Incarnation, inseparable yet distinct, form the dignity of humanity. We are called to remember our inherent, divine goodness created from the earth and in the image and likeness of the Creator. We are called to remember our true humanity by the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus. To know our divine humanity is to truly love and forgive as we are loved and forgiven.

To read the entire Covenant of Values Based Faith follow this link.