Prayer Group Palm Harbor

A Centering Prayer Group that’s Worth the Short Drive from Palm Harbor, FL

Group prayer is a powerful tool for people of faith, no matter where they are in their efforts to develop a relationship with God. However, centering prayer is a special way of drawing closer to God, and there’s a centering prayer group that’s open to anyone and that meets not far from Palm Harbor, Florida – at Trinity Presbyterian Clearwater.

Centering prayer, also known as contemplative prayer, helps participants open their minds and hearts to God’s presence through meditation techniques. The centering prayer class at our church is open to people of all faith backgrounds and from neighboring communities, including Palm Harbor, FL. The class is led by a certified facilitator and meets at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesdays at our church.

People from all over the world practice the techniques of centering prayer. Many find that joining a centering prayer group not only introduces them to the contemplative method that can help them deepen their relationship with God, but also provides additional benefits, which include:

  • Strengthening their commitment to the daily practice of communing with God through regular meetings with other prayer group members dedicated to the same practice
  • The opportunity to share personal experiences related to the practice of centering prayer in their daily lives, which helps build support for all members of the group as they progress in their individual faith journeys
  • Development of a sense of calm in the face of life’s anxieties, as well as an enhanced ability to accept other people the way they are

The centering prayer group at Trinity Clearwater is one of many opportunities available to residents of Palm Harbor, FL, and neighboring communities to explore our campus and discover a friendly, welcoming church that’s conveniently located only a few miles away. For more information, contact us today.