A Centering Prayer Group that’s Open to Residents of Dunedin, FL & Surrounding Communities

If you’re interested in a prayer group that meets near Dunedin, Florida, and helps participants go beyond the customary praying together for individuals or a common cause, you should look into the centering prayer class offered at Trinity Presbyterian Clearwater. This prayer group, led by a certified centering prayer facilitator, helps participants learn how to deepen their relationship with God through silent contemplation of a spiritual thought that opens their minds to His presence. Also known as contemplative prayer, centering prayer is intended to be a daily practice that leads to an intimate union with God. However, the meditation aspect of centering prayer also has helped many participants improve their ability to cope with stress.

The centering prayer group, held at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, is one of several opportunities at Trinity Clearwater that are open to residents of Dunedin, FL, and neighboring communities. Other opportunities include:

  • Chair yoga – This class is taught by certified yoga instructors and meets at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. The poses and meditation are similar to those of traditional yoga, but the exercises are adapted so that individuals experiencing limited mobility can participate. In addition to improvements in physical strength and balance, the benefits of this class are similar to those of the centering prayer group in that many participants find the meditation aspect helps them deal with anxiety.
  • Volunteer events – Our church regularly participates in efforts to feed the homeless and other outreach events that can help you plug into the community and renew your sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Special community events – Our church regularly hosts musical concerts that are open to the public. Keep checking the website calendar for details.

To learn more about our centering prayer group or any of the other events that are open to the public at Trinity Clearwater, contact us today. Or simply make the short drive from Dunedin, FL, or a neighboring community for our dynamic Sunday morning service and find out how friendly and welcoming a church can be.