A Prayer Group that Offers Contemplation & Camaraderie, Open to Anyone in the Clearwater, FL, Area

Prayer Group Clearwater FLIf you’re looking for a prayer group that’s designed to help participants cope with the stresses of the turbulent world around us, you’ll be interested in the centering prayer class at Trinity Presbyterian. This prayer group meets weekly on our church campus that’s conveniently located in Clearwater, Florida, and it’s open to everyone in the area who wishes to participate, regardless of his or her church affiliation or spiritual background. At Trinity Clearwater, we’re less focused on denominational doctrine and more attuned to the importance of supporting one another at every step in our individual faith journey.

The centering prayer group at our church is a great way for you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of our busy Clearwater, FL, community and seek solace by strengthening your spiritual connections to God in the company of others who are doing the same. The prayer group begins with a discussion and then provides ample time for contemplation and prayer.

Other opportunities we provide for people to plug into the community, recharge their sense of purpose, and forge meaningful relationships with others include:

  • Chair yoga – This weekly class is taught by certified yoga instructors and uses meditation and gentle exercises to calm the mind and improve physical wellbeing. Participants may perform the exercises in a chair or a standing position.
  • Volunteer service – Our church hosts or participates in a number of efforts to help those in need, including feeding the homeless and providing clothing for schoolchildren.
  • Special events – We make our church campus available for concerts featuring both secular and sacred music by various performing groups throughout the year.

For more information about our centering prayer group or any of the other opportunities we have available for residents of the Clearwater, FL, area, contact Trinity Clearwater today.