A Centering Prayer Group that’s Open to Everyone in the Clearwater Beach, FL, Area

Prayer Group Clearwater Beach FLThe benefits of participating in a centering prayer group include the opportunity to deepen your awareness of and relationship with God, engage in contemplation that can lead to inner peace, and enjoy the support of others who are seeking to do the same. At Trinity Presbyterian, we host a weekly centering prayer group that’s open to anyone, regardless of church affiliation or faith perspective, and we invite residents of nearby Clearwater Beach, Florida, and surrounding communities to participate.

Our prayer group is led by a certified centering prayer facilitator and starts with a discussion, then shifts to a period of silent contemplation of a spiritual thought that will open participants’ minds to the presence of God. People who practice centering prayer, also known as contemplative prayer, report resulting benefits that include an improved ability to let go of painful emotions and negative thoughts and a greater capacity to accept others as they are without judging them.

In addition to our weekly prayer group meeting, we welcome residents of the Clearwater Beach, FL, community to participate in other opportunities at our church that are open to all, including:

  • Volunteer service – No other activity will help you plug into the community and recharge your sense of purpose better than joining others to help people in need. At Trinity Clearwater, you’ll find ample ways to do that.
  • Chair yoga class – This class meets weekly and is led by a certified yoga instructor. The exercises have been adapted to allow people of limited mobility to participate with the aid of a chair, but people who are able can participate in the movements and meditation exercises from a standing position as well.

For more information about our weekly prayer group meeting and other opportunities for residents from the Clearwater Beach, FL, area to explore our campus, contact Trinity Clearwater today.