Experience the Benefits of Chair Yoga by Attending Classes at Our Church near Clearwater Beach, FL

Chair Yoga Clearwater Beach FLChair yoga is a modified form of traditional yoga that allows nearly everyone, regardless of his or her physical abilities, to participate in an exercise program that benefits both the mind and body. That’s in keeping with the philosophy at Trinity Presbyterian, a church near Clearwater Beach, Florida, that is open and welcoming to all, no matter their spiritual perspective. Indeed, the chair yoga class we offer each week at Trinity Clearwater is open to any member of the community who wishes to participate.

Our chair yoga class, which meets weekly, is led by a certified yoga instructor. Participants may either practice the twists, stretches, and bends from the comfort of a chair or perform the movements from a standing position. Experts say yoga is an exercise program that not only improves muscle tone and general physical health, but also helps to calm the mind through meditation and breathing techniques. This makes our chair yoga class an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for nonstrenuous exercise, dealing with physical or emotional turmoil, or simply seeking relief from the stress of a fast-paced lifestyle.

Other activities at our church that are open to residents of Clearwater Beach, FL, and surrounding communities include:

  • Centering prayer – This group meets once a week for a discussion, followed by contemplation and prayer with the comfort and support of others.
  • Musical concerts – Our church campus is regularly the site of concerts featuring secular as well as sacred music. Check the calendar on our church website for information about upcoming events.
  • Volunteer service events – Our church hosts or participates in numerous activities that benefit people in need in our community and across the world.

For information about our chair yoga classes or the many other opportunities for residents of Clearwater Beach, FL, to plug into the community through the programs available at nearby Trinity Clearwater, contact us today.